A comprehensive range of accessories for dreadlocks. Including Swim Caps, Shower Caps, Beads, Cuffs, Visors, Dread Bands and Extensions.

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  • Dread Beads & Cuffs

    A great range of Dreadlock Cuffs, Wooden, Glass & Metal Beads.

  • Dread Extensions

    Our range of extensions include both Twisted and Backcombed to give you an instant head of dreads. They are easily installed into undreaded hair by plaiting them in place. Our premium Crocheted extension has the exact same look and feel of real, natural dreadlocks and can be attached to the end of existing dreadlocks or plaited into undreaded hair. And finally, our DIY Human Hair Weft Kits allow you to create extensions to perfectly match the colour and thickness of your existing dreads.

  • Shower & Swim Caps

    A custom made range of swim caps and shower caps large enough to accommodate dreadlocks. Now taking a dip and keeping your locks dry is a cinch!

  • Dread Bands & Visors

    An awesome range of stylish and functional visors, bands and wraps, all made with dread heads in mind.